Going Home

The Rescue - Part 5

Returning to the cave, the heroes find that Morganna had fled with the shard. Gathering the gold and other valuables there, they returned to the forest to find night had fallen. At the forest lady’s urging, the group went to a magical grove to spend the night. There the forest lady revealed herself as Quen, a member of a powerful group of fey known as “The Emerald Council”.

That organization had been seeking the remains of an other-worldly stone of disturbing power: men from Aglarond had hired a cult of Red Wizards from Thay to build a doomsday device, intending to use it as blackmail against the elves of the Yiurwood. The wizards constructed the artifact using the stone, but it was discovered and shattered, scattering across central Faerun. Quen asked the group to consider seeking out the shards, as the Council lacked the ability to do so themselves.

The Rescue - Part 4

Having dispatched the cave’s defenders and confronted the kidnappers, the group managed to slay the evil doers with one exception: an evil halfling woman who bore a glowing rock managed to slip away through a back door. Turning their attentions to possible survivors, the group was relieved to find Anya relatively unharmed, along with a badly wounded halfling woman. Anya surprised everyone when she used a magical healing touch to revive the other kidnap victim.

The Rescue - Part 3

Lark manages to pick up the scent of the kidnappers, and leads the group back out of the city and to the woods where they had reunited earlier. Having traced the kidnappers to a hidden cave deep in the woods, the group prepared to confront the evil-doers. But they are interrupted by a cloaked woman who can apparently converse with woodland creatures. She gives Simeon some kind of message about a shard and its link to Lark.

The Rescue - Part 2

The group travels back into Alaghon to search for Anya, but quickly run into Goram, a former nemesis of Malachi. Fleeing through the back alleys, they are stopped by some of Goram’s thugs, but the brutes are quickly dispatched. The group flees to an abandoned house away from the docks to consider their next steps.

The Rescue

Simeon, with the help of new friends Malachi and Ewelyn, have traced the bandits that captured Lark. Having sailed across the Sea Of Fallen Stars to Alaghon, they chanced upon the escaped Lark in the forest nearby. But the slavers still have Anya, a young woman that Lark is convinced they mean to convert into some horrible monstrosity.


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